A view from the tunnels of Suomenlinna. Photo: Jussi Hellsten, Visit Finland.

Social program


The venue for our dinner is the UNESCO’s World Heritage site, Suomenlinna. Situated on a group of islands off Helsinki, Suomenlinna was established in 1748 during the Swedish era as a maritime fortress and a base for the Archipelago Fleet. It was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1991 to preserve it for future generations as an example of 18th century fortress architecture in Europe. Today, the fortress is one of the most popular sights in Finland with over 900 000 visitors annually.

We will dine at the historic atmosphere of restaurant Walhalla, located on the southern edge of the Kustaanmiekka isle. The restaurant was opened in 1952 for entertaining guests attending the Helsinki Olympics. You can experience Walhalla and its surroundings by taking a virtual tour.

Suomenlinna is accessible only by water. The dinner participants are transported to the fortress with a water bus, that arrives at Hanasaari harbour after 17:00 and departures soon after 17:15. If you are participating to the dinner, make sure to be in time at the Hanasaari harbour and confirm it’s whereabouts beforehand. Light snacks and drinks are served during the trip to Suomenlinna.

If you don’t want to use the organised transportation, you can either take a water bus directly to the King’s Gate, or if you want to enjoy a nice walk (~15 min) through the historic island, you can use the public Suomenlinna ferry. Both transportations depart from the Market square (Kauppatori) on the seaside of central Helsinki. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the restaurant with both options. If you are not using the transportation from Hanasaari, please let the organisers know by e-mail: qtc2017@aalto.fi

The return trip after dinner will be with public transportation. The Suomenlinna ferries to mainland depart at 21:20*, 22:00* and 23:00*. Remember to reserve at least 15 min to walk through the fortress. The waterbuses straight from the King’s Gate to mainland depart at 21:30* and 22:30*, and stop at Lonna-harbour on the way to the Market Square.

* ALWAYS confirm the up-to-date time-tables of the Suomenlinna ferries and the water buses on the Web.


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