A view from the tunnels of Suomenlinna. Photo: Jussi Hellsten, Visit Finland.

Welcome to the conference on
Mesoscopic Transport and Quantum Coherence 2017!

The QTC 2017 conference will be held August 5-8, 2017 in Espoo, Finland. It is the official satellite of the 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, LT28, http://www.lt28.se, endorsed by the IUPAP.

QTC 2017 brings together experts working on topics involving quantum effects in electron transport, superconducting qubits and hybrid circuits, quantum thermodynamics, circuit QED, cavity optomechanics, topological and 2D materials.

During recent years, intriguing overlaps between these fields have been discovered. Low-temperature electron transport has been investigated in the contexts of quantum thermodynamics and circuit-QED architectures. Hybrid systems involving nanomechanical and electromagnetic resonators have been devised.

This conference seeks to establish further exciting connections between research directions at the frontiers of mesoscopic quantum coherence.

Espoo is located adjacent to the Finland’s capital city Helsinki, and it is conveniently reachable for the conference participants. The conference is organised in the immediate vicinity of Aalto University Otaniemi campus at Espoo, which is in the midst of the largest innovation hub in the Nordic Countries. Aalto University has long¬†tradition in the research of superconductivity, quantum thermo- and electrodynamics, and quantum optomechanics.

Looking forward to seeing you in Espoo!
The Local Organising Committee